Ghani fashion New Karndi Collection

We Have Ghani fashion New Karndi Collection.

Yellow karandi

Ghani Fashion New Karndi Collection provides raw silk that feels like nubby, soft cotton. It is a standard fabric for formal suits (with added embroidery work),
as well as dressy/casual suits (with plain, non-embroidered ends).
It is on the pricier end,
and therefore, a good investment.

It’s not about what you’re wearing. It’s about how you carry yourself in whatever you’re wearing.
Always dress like it’s the best day of your life. Ghani fashion New Karandi Collection.
Find your happy colors. They’re the ones that make you feel good inside.

Best Ghani fashion New Karndi Collection

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As a result of its sweat-resistant and breathable properties,
the Karandi Material will not shrink.
Karandi suits are principally characterized by earthy colors and splendid combinations of fall hues.

The art of styling a fabric

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Because the material is on the expensive end of the spectrum and is ideally appropriate for formal events, it is an unspoken standard that must be styled elegantly. Internet sources like Pinterest and Instagram can give you many inspirations for styling this fabric. Bareeze also offers you latest Design.


sale karandi 2

Due to the thick texture, Karandi Lawn is much more durable than a typical Lawn. It’s, however, expensive fabric and therefore it’s usually advised to dry clean it, which is a gentle and safer method of cleaning.

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